Cardi B reacts after being attacked for ‘mimicking’ Hindu goddess

Cardi B reacts after being attacked for ‘mimicking’ Hindu goddess

American rapper, Cardi B has apologised after she was accused of culture appropriation over her new shoot.

The new shoot sees her mimicking a Hindu goddess stirring agitation among faithful of the religion.

Cardi B appears in a new campaign for a sportswear brand putting on a red gown with multiple arms extending from her body and the imagery appears similar to that of Durga, the Hindu goddess.

Durga is known for strength, protection and war. And the WAP rapper received a wide range of criticism.

Reacting to the bashing she got, Cardi B said in an Instagram video, “So a lot of my fans are telling me that I’m getting dragged by social media.

“They saying it’s because of my Reebok shoot and saying that I disrespected like a goddess or something.”

The musician, a Catholic, added that when she did the shoot the creatives told her she would be a goddess that represents strength, femininity and liberation.

“If people think I offended their culture or religion I want to say I’m sorry – that was not my intent,” she said.

Cardi B said she does not like disrespecting people’s religion and would not like it if anyone disrespected hers.

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