Guru Maharaji reveals how Nigeria can stop COVID-19 spread

Guru Maharaji reveals how Nigeria can stop COVID-19 spread


Satguru Maharaji, the founder of the One Love Family Sect, has called on Nigerians to reconnect with their culture and tradition to curtail the spread of COVID-19.

He made the call on Sunday while addressing newsmen at his Maharaj Village on the Ibadan-Lagos expressway.

The sect leader said the best way to combat COVID-19 in Africa, particularly Nigeria, was through culture and tradition.

“In the past, all the various forms of diseases were combated through cultural and traditional cures. The black race must wake up.

“Naturally our culture and tradition are now backstage. All we need to do is to reconnect and recognise our traditional rulers.

“Any society that disconnects from its culture and tradition to make money is bound to face several challenges,” he said.

He disclosed that Nigerians are infected with foreign diseases because they had abandoned their tradition and subjected themselves to foreign control.

Maharaji said the Ife-Modakeke crisis was resolved through the use of 17 yam tubers, water, salt honey and calabash as sacrifices to various deities in the land.

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