Kanye West Accidentally Tweeted A Photo Of Kim Kardashian In Her Underwear

Kanye West Accidentally Tweeted A Photo Of Kim Kardashian In Her Underwear

You know when you’re trying to tweet out an uplifting prayer but accidentally include a photo of your wife in her underwear? The only person that may be more newsworthy for their activity on Twitter is Donald Trump. Kanye West has made countless headlines for his rants on the social media website as he’s announced album release dates, spoke on sensitive topics, and proclaimed his love for McDonald’s. If you have tweet notifications on for Kanye, you never know what to expect. Sometimes my phone will buzz for something pointless that he retweeted.

Other times, it’s an important update that I probably couldn’t go the day without knowing. With the volume of messages that he sends out at times, Ye is bound to make a mistake every here and there. That happened when he thought he was sharing a wholesome message with his fans yesterday.

While Kim Kardashian has made a career out of showing off her body to promote her brand, she deserves her private moments. When Kanye West shared a religious quote on Twitter yesterday, he probably thought that his fans would connect with the message. Unfortunately, people were more concerned with the “recent photos” popping up at the bottom of the screen.

If Ye were more tech-savvy, he probably would have thought before posting the image, which clearly contained a photo of his wife in her underwear. The post has since been deleted for obvious reasons (Kim probably scolded him) but not before thousands of people saw it.
We’re not surprised that Yeezy has the photo on his phone. You’ve heard the lyrics to “I Love It…” But he might want to clear a few things with his partner before moving forward with the tweets from his photo gallery.

Checkout the Blurry Photo he shared below;

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