Nigeria needs a stingy leader to be developed - Peter Obi

Nigeria needs a stingy leader to be developed – Peter Obi

Nigeria needs a stingy leader to be developed - Peter Obi

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, on Tuesday, Jan. 10, said Nigeria needs a stingy leader to be developed.

His statement comes after Atiku Abubakar of the People’s Democratic Party and Bola Ahmed TInubu of the All Progressive Congress referred to him as a stingy man.

Reacting, Obi said he owes no one an apology for being stingy.

He added that he is the youngest, the fittest and the most qualified candidate to be President among the four leading contestants.

He stated this at a town hall meeting with Anambra traditional rulers at the Government.

He said, “This is not about turn but about capacity because if it is about turn, people like us would insist that it is our turn and should be considered.

“The job of a President is not a retirement loan or for any kind of settlement but about uniting and rebuilding the country.

“They said that I am a stingy man and I say they didn’t say that I am extravagant or that I embezzled public funds only that I am stingy and I tell you the job and the Presidency of our country needs a stingy person ”

Obi further said; “When you look at me and my Running mate you would discover that we are young compared with the other candidates who are older and our National Chairman is in his fifties but the National Chairman of the other candidates is about seventy or over that.”

He continued: “When you talk about qualification, I am the most qualified and the youngest among them and this is not a job for rehabilitation of people because Nigeria needs a strong and vibrant person as President and one that is in tune with the trending and modern style of leadership so that our country would be counted among the committee of great Nations in the world.”

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