sports: I can’t control Chelsea’s plans – Pulisic

sports: I can’t control Chelsea’s plans – Pulisic

Chelsea winger, Christian Pulisic, has admitted he wants to play in this summer’s Olympics with the USA, but says he “can’t control” whether his club would give him permission

The Olympics are classified by FIFA as an under-23 tournament, with three overage players per team allowed.

As such, clubs are not obliged to release players.

The timing of the competition means Pulisic would miss part of preseason, a time in which he would be keen to impress club boss Thomas Tuchel.

“It’s something I’ve thought about, and have wanted to play in,” Pulisic said on a Zoom call with reporters about playing in the Olympics.

“Obviously, I can’t control what goes on. What’s best for me at the time and what’s best for the team at the time, I obviously can’t say. But it is something that I would like to play in.

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