SPORTS: Tuchel compares Kai Havertz to Diego Costa...

SPORTS: Tuchel compares Kai Havertz to Diego Costa…

Chelsea boss, Thomas Tuchel, has compared Kai Havertz to the club’s former striker, Diego Costa.

Tuchel said critics should not be fooled by the body language of Havertz and expect him to play like Costa.

According to him, the Germany international is simple, adding that he would never demand him to be like Costa.

Havertz scored his second Premier League goal this season in Chelsea’s 4-1 win at Crystal Palace over the weekend.

“He [Kai Havertz] is simply not that guy that you will fully feel or see enraged. For some, you feel they have to fight with others to get a certain momentum,” Tuchel told a post-match press conference following Chelsea’s win over Crystal Palace.

“He is not a Diego Costa kind of guy, this is simple, and I will never demand he will become this.

“Sometimes you cannot confuse with his body language that he does not give everything. He is a very quiet character, but he is very well aware of his quality. I can just repeat he stepped up.

“He changes clubs from Leverkusen to Chelsea, a club where you need to win games and perform, and everyone expects this, so I am very happy because he stepped clearly out of his comfort zone, and he is ready to show it.

“What we can demand from him is quality, and this is how he can help the team and become an important player if he can show this regularly and show he is involved in the games and show his quality on the pitch.


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